I didn’t want to add this as an update to the previous post, because it deserves to stand on its own (likewise for the other update, but I am lazy, remember?). Over at Orcinus, I found links to a curious and darkly humorous episode regarding radio talk show host Stephanie Miller and an angry right-winger who wrote her a rather mean-spirited, eliminationist letter after seeing her on the Sean Hannity (speaking of bullying cowards) Two Minutes Hate Hour (or whatever it is called).

Go to Orcinus, and read (and listen) for yourself.

Is “Sock” representative of the teeming ignorant hordes of Freeperland and Red America? Does he have just a bit more spine than most, since he did give his phone number? Anyway, it is interesting how “Sock” backs off his vitriol when confronted by his target (over the phone, anyway). He slinks back from the obvious deadly intent of his own words, and resorts to inane, unrelated winger talking points. What an old tool. Unfortunately, millions of his ilk are likely to line up at the polls on 7 November for a chance to say “fuck you” to their imagined librul antagonists, in spite of the harm they’ll be doing themselves with their votes. The future of our republic may well be in the hands of childish, mean-spirited cowards.

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