Watch as THE FEAR turns even our brave troops into bullying cowards!!

I remember one of the right-wing smear bombs lobbed at the Dems during the run-up to the 2000 election fiasco: Clinton ruined the military. Yes, the Rethugs shamelessly peddled the notion that the U.S. military had suffered a debilitating loss of morale and effectiveness during the Clinton years, and that a right-wing White House was needed to bring our nation’s fighting forces back up to the nation-protecting potential they had showed in such glorious defensive campaigns as Grenada and Panama.

Never mind, for a moment, that the smear was wholly inaccurate. Forget, too, that it was highly successful among the (politically) knuckle-dragging Rethug base. Just consider, for a moment, what has been done to the military during the last six years. There have been two illegal, costly, and unnecessary wars (both of which are still going on). The Rethug-led Congress has backed the wayward executive’s failure to adequately staff and equip the troops deployed in those two illegal wars. Even as thousands of soldiers return to the U.S. with horrible physical and psychological damage, the Rethugs have effectively slashed funding for their care and rehabilitation. The quagmire in Iraq can’t be doing much good for the morale of the soldiers stuck there (ever more frequently past their agreed-upon terms of service).

Add to all of that the horrors being visited upon hapless foreign nationals at U.S. military facilities (secret and otherwise) across the globe. What does it do to your military forces when you deploy them to perform illegal, immoral actions on unarmed civilians? Often these actions– including extra-legal imprisonment and torture– are carried out in concert with or under orders from non-military personnel (most likely CIA spooks, civilian ‘contractors,’ and other sadistic, cowardly scum).

Does all of this maybe look a little worse than “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”? If it isn’t sinking in yet, I suggest you follow the link below. And no, it isn’t a parody. It is for real. It is your tax dollars at work, fellow U.S. citizen, and it is all being done in the name of your ‘security’. Do you feel safer knowing this?

“Why Am I in Cuba?”
Excerpts from military tribunal transcripts
by Dave Gilson

UPDATE (1152 hrs): via Mickey Z., I see that what goes around is indeed coming around. The cowardly bullies who’ve been practicing their craft in places like Bagram, Guantanamo Bay, and Abu Ghraib may one day get to go apeshit without leaving the U.S.A. Haven’t I talked about this before? Didn’t Ben Franklin apocryphally warn us about this over two centuries ago? Oh, well. I guess as long as the McDonald’s drive-thru doesn’t close down, it isn’t really important.

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