Liberalism in pictures, part II

I’ve posted this graphic before, and I want to bring it up as a reminder. Liberals who complain about Trump and talk of ‘resistance’ need first to take a rare honest look in a mirror.

I’ve seen no evidence that Barry Obama was in any way cruel to his family’s Portuguese Water Dogs while he was President of the USA. However, during his tenure, Obama was very cruel to many millions of Muslims and thousands of ethnic Russian Ukrainians.

Exponentially more human beings were tortured, murdered, and displaced by Obama than were dogs by Michael Vick. Yet Vick went to prison and had death wished upon him by unknown numbers of liberals. Obama, on the other hand, is still almost unanimously beloved and celebrated by liberals.

We may not have a government we like, but evidently we have the government we deserve.


If only Muslim children had furry ears and tails…

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