A brief note on consistency

Circa April 2014, I don’t recall any police unions issuing public statements decrying the dangerous actions perpetrated in Nevada by supporters of a thieving, conditionally anti-government rancher. Dozens of armed supporters of the lawbreaking Bundy aimed their weapons at law enforcement officials and threatened to kill.

Where was the massive outcry for aggressive crackdown against these would-be cop killers? Where were the sports coaches wearing ‘BLM’ baseball caps to press conferences? Where were the very public and provocative expressions of solidarity with BLM rangers from rank and file members of other law enforcement agencies?

We all know the answers to these questions, don’t we?

One comment on “A brief note on consistency

  1. flokell@comcast.net says:

    Thank you for sending cofbn. I wondered if you were still writing on this website.

    I sent you a copy of Wm. Styron’s book that is very short for him, only 100 pages. It describes his deep depression. He said he did not usually talk about his personal life, but he was upset that when some writers and artists he knew committed suicide. they were treated with disgust and were judged as “copouts” whereas, if they had died of cancer, they would have been treated and talked about with love and care. He described the pain of his own illness with typical lyrical clarity to let readers know what depression is really like, and to ask the reader to have the same response to others’ depression as they would to others’ physical illness.

    Eventually I want to read all of his books.

    Thinking of you, Flo

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