It’s a narrowing road, but I prefer it.

I haven’t much to say these days, because it seems it’s all been said and it’s all being largely ignored. That’s one of the reasons I abandoned Facebook, because of the feeling that the voices I’d come to value were, like me, throwing their pearls of intellectual and moral persistence to willfully ignorant swine. We were preaching to our own self-selected choir, and I found a good moment of comfort and solidarity in sharing the different perspectives of these honest and credible voices, but it was time to retreat from the medium and put energy into other things.

I briefly stuck my toe into another situation last week, when I commented on a Raw Story article about MSNBC hack Rachel Maddow’s propagandist report passive-aggressively blaming Russia and ‘pro-Russian’ separatists for the downing of a Malaysian passenger jet over Ukraine last week. The liberals commenting on the article, with few shining exceptions, were all on board the imperial propaganda bandwagon. Despite the dearth of proof coming out of the Western media and the U.S. government, there was no reason to assume that the separatists had downed the plane; there was certainly no logical reason for Vladimir Putin and Russia to instigate such an atrocity. (For a good ‘cui bono’ approach to analyzing this situation, I defer to the always dependable Dmitry Orlov.) It doesn’t seem to occur to these people that the same voracious imperial war machine that brought us Vietnam, Iraq, and Libya (among many other situations) would have no qualms about instigating a civil war in Ukraine for the primary purpose of antagonizing and weakening Russia. They don’t seem to see a problem with taking on faith that the same corporate media which sold the previous wars and entanglements isn’t lying to them now. Does the presence of the Nobel Prize-winning warmonger-in-chief at the figurehead somehow blind them, or were their morals and logic always lacking integrity?

I briefly engaged the smug, pedantic, and logic-averse arguments of the liberals there, and I soon realized I was falling into the trap described by Mark Twain: “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

So I left that alone, too. Still, it’s good to know that the voices that are almost always correct about these matters, morally if not in minute, precise detail, are still out there preaching the gospel. I leave you with a link to one of them, Chris Floyd:

This Wheel’s On Fire: The Terror War’s Disastrous Course

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