Zionism: it’s the most lethal genocidal self-parody out there

First watch the video below:


Even with meticulous editorial wizardry, what the Yahoo!News report shows and what it says look like two almost completely different stories. The narrative describes a continuing offensive by Hamas against Israel, with Israel being forced to defend itself despite Hamas intransigence (they rejected a peace deal!). What makes this almost hilarious is that even though the droll narrator and the careful video footage choice omit reference (never mind footage) to the massive death and injury being inflicted upon Gaza with virtual impunity, one can see from the brief and very narrow footage of ‘rocket damage’ in Israeli territory– footage that is so brief and so narrow that one can scarcely identify any damage that might involve military firepower– that the ‘two sides’ are not equal players in this event. Calling it a conflict is beyond inaccurate; it is patently dishonest.

U.S. and Western corporate media, like their counterparts in Western governments (such as the vile John Kerry), seem to eat, breathe, and shit Zionism. The way this plays out in official public discourse would be hilarious, if it weren’t for all those dead and formerly defenseless men, women, and children in Gaza.

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