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In this blog post, Digby laments the GOP’s successful statewide programs of disenfranchisement of black and other minority voters in the run-up to November:

I don’t think there’s another democracy in the world in which an election official would publicly make a statement about suppressing the vote of his political rivals. It’s shocking.

Why is this shocking?  It’s not the first time you middle-class (and predominantly white) liberals and ‘moderates’ have stood by and let an injustice crush the poor and minorities.  Oh, but now it’s threatening to cost you some privileges?  (Because there are no rights, only privileges; rights are universal, while privileges go only to the deserving.)  Well, boo-fucking-hoo.

This is a particularly galling example.  When I announce that I’m voting for Jill Stein, I usually get the same tired rehash of 2000 and Nader and blah blah blah.  You middle-class liberals never bother to mention the GOP’s culling of predominantly black voters from the rolls.  Because that’s not important.  Voting is a privilege, and it’s okay if the Untermenschen lose access here and there.

Well the GOP has spent the last twelve years stumbling further into apeshit, and now you middle-class liberal Democrats are nervous that you’ll lose more privileges if those crude medievals get the White House back.  Well, guess what?  You selfish consumerist assholes should’ve thought about that when you let your Democratic representatives get away with shit-canning ACORN.  It wasn’t enough for you Clinton-loving dipshits to kick the poor to the curb with ‘welfare reform’ and the continuation of the War on Drugs.  No, you had to spit on your most reliable voting bloc, as well.

Honestly, I don’t believe even this travesty will adversely affect the outcome of the presidential election.  The one thing Obama can count on, and rightfully so, is that the GOP base is even more vindictive and stupid than ever before; they despise Mitt Romney and they don’t trust anything he does.  Unless Romney’s campaign can make it clear that his running mate’s economic ‘policies’ won’t hurt the aging neo-Confederate voting base as badly as they appear designed to do, a lot of those selfish pricks will sit out the election.  Team Democrat will at the very least squeak out a re-election of their mass-murdering, corporate-approved Peace Laureate.

The medieval slaughter will continue at the state level, however.  Long-standing intrastate demographic segregation patterns— patterns whose underlying causes and most fundamental effects remain unchallenged thanks to the apathy of the majority (both liberal and conservative)– ensure that the GOP will maintain control of the majority of state houses, and have a leg up on maintaining their dominance of both houses of Congress.  (Yes, I know that the Democrats currently hold a majority in the U.S. Senate, but don’t be silly: simple majorities only work for the GOP.)

So what I’m telling you middle-class liberals is that you can point fingers at the Republicans all you want.  The ugly truth is that you largely have yourselves to blame for your own fate.  As Chris Hedges illustrates, you sold out working folks and the poor long ago, and now you have no allies.  Regardless what happens at the top of the ticket in November, you will have the government you deserve.

One comment on “In this blog po…

  1. Masha Sabina says:

    invective-laden and so tragically true. you should be drinking vodka with us up here in saskatchewanistan – we can pretend this is a safe distance from the shit-storm that approaches.

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