Epic sympathy fail

“Dear Obama: Thanks for killing a young girl in Pakistan with a drone. I now feel safer. Your words in Colorado really touched me.” — Remi Kanazi (via Twitter)

Pardon me while I sniff in disdain at the latest written or verbal assumption of universal (or at least national) ‘shock’ or ‘grief’ or ‘mourning’ over the victims of the recent mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado.  To hear it from Barack Obama, the Murderer-in-Chief, is especially priceless.

The U.S.A. has been slaughtering innocents, directly or by proxy, since its inception.  Our bloodlust has been held in check only by our relative reach, and for a time, to some degree, by the presence of the comparably bloodthirsty Soviet Union.  The continuing murder in Afghanistan and Pakistan is especially galling, since, like that in Iraq, it was initiated on a lie, and it has kicked into high gear at the command of the very Chief Executive who sold himself as a transformative figure* and was lauded as such by many of the nearly 70 million who voted for him in 2008.

So for President Obama to utter words of ‘comfort’ to the survivors and families of the shooting victims, and to ‘the nation,’ rings worse than hollow.  For the corporate media or anyone else to give this vile, cynical human being credit for his actions in the wake of the horrific crime– while they turn a blind eye to the mindless slaughter he calls up across the globe– is proof of their utter moral vacuity.  (Never mind Obama’s complete avoidance of the key issue underlying the Colorado shooting.)

Says Arthur Silber:

…many Americans hurl themselves with fundamentally false, deeply disturbed enthusiasm into public demonstrations of grief over the needless deaths of some human beings — those human beings they see as being much like themselves, when the deaths happen in what could be their own neighborhood. As for all the murders committed by their government with a systematic dedication as insane as that of any serial killer: silence.

Silber is correct, as are Chris Floyd and Dmitry Orlov.  Only a very sick society is capable of carrying on this way, and one can only question whether the illness is terminal.


*To be fair, Obama was rather clear about his goals for Afghanistan, and he did stock his campaign and transition teams with eager, drooling imperialists.  This, in fact, further incriminates his supporters.

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