Perhaps it’s time to grow up.

Chicago has seen a rash of gun violence of late, much of it occurring on the weekends, and most of it occurring in gang-beleaguered minority neighborhoods.  I’ve heard some of my colleagues occasionally mocking the situation by referring cheerfully to some asshole or other who’s on the internet posting the ‘over/under’ for the number of violent deaths each weekend.  So for that, and for other reasons, I’m left a little underwhelmed by the idea that anyone should be ‘shocked’ at this mass killing.  How many fundamentally similar ‘isolated incidents’ are required before a trend is acknowledged?  What’s the ‘over/under’ on how many incidents and deaths it will take before the public response moves beyond collective hand-wringing and voyeuristic consumption of corporate media mawkishness?

There’s a whole lot more that could be said about this incident and its ramifications, and it’s been said quite eloquently elsewhere.  I offer some samples below:

A Long Dark Night: Gun Violence Romanticized and the New Batman Movie

Could Rep. Louie Gohmert Be Even More of an Idiot if He Worked at It?

Calling Out the Gun Nuts: Bill Moyers Takes a Stand

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