The sleazy, underhanded tactics of the idle rich and their minions…

I just received a robo-call (from a blocked number) from a group called Education Reform Now.  First, check their website; you’ll see the ‘non-profit’ is run by a who’s-who of vulture and casino capitalist parasites who are dedicated to pauperizing our educational professionals and turning all our public schools into correctional preparatories and peonage finishing schools.

I don’t recall the exact verbiage of the robo-call– as I write this, my brain is attempting to scrub itself clean, strictly as a sanity-preserving defense mechanism– but the gist was that an alleged CPS parent was urging me to call some toll-free number and register my demand that the Chicago Teachers’ Union postpone their impending strike authorization vote until after the expected July 16 release of an independent fact-finding panel’s analysis of the issues at stake between CTU and CPS.  The woman’s voice strongly implied that a vote to authorize a strike would be a sign that the teachers don’t care about our children’s education.

Really?  I suppose, then, that I’m supposed to believe that CPS, currently run by Mayor Wall Street’s unelected cabal of parasitical capitalists and charter-pushing carpetbaggers really does care about my child’s education.  I know they’re not trying to convince me that the Mayor himself cares about my child’s education, because they have to know that I know that Mayor Wall Street lives right across the street from a fine Chicago Public School, one that is home to a dedicated, involved group of parents and community members, and Mayor Wall Street still has his own kids chauffeured all the way to a tony private school on the South Side.

I’ve spent a good number of hours volunteering at my child’s school, and I’ve been impressed with the dedication and professionalism of the faculty and staff there.  If they feel– rightly so– that CPS is trying to give them the shaft, then they have no choice but to at least put the possibility of a strike on the table.  That’s why the authorization vote is necessary now, not at the end of July when many teachers will be difficult or impossible to reach during the summer break.  The astroturf group that robo-called my home knows this, and that’s why they framed the authorization vote in such disingenuous terms.  They know that what CPS has planned isn’t good for either teachers or students, but it’ll be awfully good for the well-heeled parasites to whom Mayor Wall Street and his school board carpetbaggers and elitists are catering.

So to ‘Education Reform Now’ I offer a hale and hearty GO FUCK YOURSELVES.

To the Chicago Teachers’ Union, I say godspeed, and I’ll be on your side this summer and fall.  See you on the picket line, comrades.

One comment on “The sleazy, underhanded tactics of the idle rich and their minions…

  1. NativeSonKY says:

    When I get those kinds of robocalls, I always do exactly the opposite of what they ask me to do. I call and cast dissenting votes and call friends and have them do the same.

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