Smoke ’em if you got ’em…

Arthur Silber is on fire.  Here is the conclusion of his essay about the near-universal lack of uproar over the Obama administration’s barely disguised promotion of its ‘Kill List’:

You may not want to face it — hell, I’d prefer not to have to face it — but this is a country ready to be led to the slaughterhouse. This story — and the fact that it has been received with near-universal apathy, which means acceptance — should terrify you to the very core of your being.

Here is a bit of his take on a dangerously fatuous treatment of our corporate media ‘news’ being peddled by Aaron Sorkin:

That is, according to adorable Aaron: If only we had better (and more glamorous!) authority figures, then the dirty, stupid commoners would be sure to do exactly as they’re told. Why, we might have major newspaper articles and teevee debates about how the Killer-in-Chief goes about all his killing — and Americans won’t even bat an eye.

Finally, you must read his satirical spin on the catastrophic deterioration of our public discourse regarding civil liberties and such.

If you think Silber is even a hand’s breadth over the top, then I suggest you read and watch this report on CNN’s website.  Notice that there is absolutely no discussion about the gross illegality and immorality (on a Nuremberg scale, mind you) of the activity that was the subject of the ‘leak’.  The entire subject– an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation’s technological infrastructure, which is an unequivocal act of war– is reduced to a ‘he said/she said’ partisan pissing match over who ‘leaked’ the existence of the illegal program and why.

Consider that this ‘leak’ controversy surfaces not long after the Obama administration gives ‘exclusive access’ to a major news network regarding previously ‘classified’ aspects of its illegal and dubious raid on Pakistan (the one that allegedly resulted in the murder of Osama bin Laden).  Also, please don’t choke yourself on the jagged irony of the Obama administration currently persecuting Bradley Manning for doing his duty to expose the high crimes of his government to the U.S. public and to the world.  I guess if the crimes bolster your poll numbers, put them on the marquee.  If not, then God help whomever exposes them.

The really dangerous– no, it’s not dangerous, because ‘danger’ connotes a possibility of avoidance or escape.  The really damning thing about this is that we’re all supposed to consider Obama and his congressional Democratic allies the better options in upcoming election cycles.  If that’s true, then we are truly and thoroughly fucked in every way possible.  Arthur Silber’s satirical take on the near future doesn’t seem quite so far-fetched, now, does it?


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