This; exactly this.

Lesson 1: Education Reform is for Other People’s Children


People who have the good fortune to send their children to elite private schools should do whatever they can to spread the same advantages to other people’s children. When they are members of the board of education and the mayor, they have a special responsibility to do what is right for the children in their care. If they inflict policies on other people’s children that are unacceptable for their own children, they should be ashamed.

I must point out that I have no problem with the existence of Lab School, or that people send their kids to Lab School.  Good for them and their kids.  But when the fucking elitist pricks who are entrusted with our children’s educations are selling off our children’s educational resources and suggesting that our kids don’t need those resources– at the very same time those elitist pricks are lavishing such resources upon their own kids– then I have a fucking problem with those elitist pricks.

Thank you, Oprah-liberals and nonparticipants, for inflicting these arrogant, elitist neoliberal pricks on our children’s present and future.

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