More from the pathetic whimper that is the Wisconsin recall ‘fight’…

Barrett: Walker Campaigning to Be ‘Poster Boy’ for the Tea Party

“Scott Walker wants to make this a national race because he wants to be on the national stage as the rockstar of the far right, as the poster boy of the tea party,” he added. “That’s not what I’m interested in. And I’m — frankly, I’m not going to be the rockstar of the far left. I’m focusing on this state because that’s what’s important to me.”

What does Tom Barrett mean by the ‘far left’?  Labor unions?  If so, he’s obviously not a “rockstar” [sic] to them:

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett beat former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk by 24 points, 58-34, according to unofficial Associated Press results. Unions invested heavily in Ms. Falk’s campaign. Now their challenge will be to support a candidate that the state’s biggest public sector union—AFSCME—vehemently opposed and accused of “rewriting history.”

Except that AFSCME was rewriting their own history following the results of the primary. They scrubbed negative references to Mr. Barrett from their website—ironically even their post accusing the mayor of rewriting history. They later released a statement saying, “AFSCME Wisconsin wholeheartedly supports Tom Barrett.”

But it’s not clear if Mr. Barrett wholeheartedly supports AFSCME or any of the other unions that once opposed him. A “unity rally” scheduled for Wednesday in Madison was cancelled when the Milwaukee mayor allegedly backed out. The rally was supposed to feature labor leaders and Democratic primary candidates standing together with Tuesday’s winner. Madison talk radio and liberal blogs were abuzz with rumors that Mr. Barrett’s campaign thought being seen with often provocative union leaders was too much of a political liability.

However, the biggest surprise of the night was Republican turnout. Mr. Walker didn’t have a real challenger but still captured 627,000 votes, which is nearly as many as all of his Democratic challengers combined. According to the Government Accountability Board, it was the highest primary turnout in the state since Sen. Joe McCarthy faced a difficult primary challenge in 1952.

Someone needs to tell Barrett that Walker is the “rockstar” of the Tea Party, the GOP, and every other tool of sociopathic concentrated wealth.  The problem is that those moneyed interests are what Barrett is also courting, albeit in a relatively passive-aggressive way.  He can’t hope to compete for enough of those dollars to buy the election, so he’ll need the support of the very labor unions he’s so thoroughly alienated.  Those unions, many of whose members are likely painfully aware of the reasons for their collective animosity toward Barrett, are now officially genuflecting before Barrett, who still keeps his distance from them even now that he’s trailing Walker in the polls.  Meanwhile, the GOP has its base hot and horny for its candidate.

Ha ha ha!!  I laugh, but darkly.  This is the Democratic Party, the lesser of two evils, the good that I’m endangering with my alleged pursuit of perfection.  Tell me again why I’m supposed to flush my own judgment and follow this trembling herd of losers into the voting booth.

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