“…if you would strike a king, you must kill him.”

Of course, as Andrew Levine points out, the Obama administration– and, by extension, the Democratic Party– is not interested in a political killing of Scott Walker or of the GOP.  The Democrats and Republicans are not ‘the same’, but they subsist on the same corporate dollars and they both seek to uphold the same expanding and solidifying structures of national and global power.  These structures do not serve the interests of the majority of Democratic and Republican voters.  So, in essence, it could be argued that ostensible liberals are as guilty of ‘voting against their interests’ as are working and middle-class Republicans.  What non-oligarchic Republican voters do for spite and medieval nostalgia, Democratic voters do for cowardice, myopia, and self-serving pragmatism.

I must add that I was in Madison for a few hours to witness the popular occupation of the Wisconsin Capitol, and I recall thinking afterward that all this popular anger was going to be organized and channeled into trying to replace the Evil Republicans with Complicit Democrats.  Levine has the same thought, and unfortunately we are both correct:

Barring a revolution, which no one contemplated and which was never even remotely in the offing, this meant, in Wisconsin, where politicians can only be recalled after they have served at least a year in office, that anti-Walker energies were bound to dissipate.

It also meant that they were bound to be channeled into an electoral contest between a Democrat and a Republican — a sorry prospect even in the pre-Citizens United days and a dreadful prospect now, in a political culture where the main beneficiaries of our preposterously inegalitarian capitalist system have free rein to buy electoral outcomes.

Garbage in, garbage out.

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