The pathetic collapse of U.S. liberalism continues apace

I suggest reading the article linked below.  Keep in mind while you do that Glenn Greenwald specifically highlights how the indicated misdeeds are being carried out by Democratic politicians, few if any of whom are in danger of losing their seats anytime soon, especially to primary challenges.  This represents the ‘lesser of two evils’ I am often chided for rejecting.

A reminder about WikiLeaks

That there is now a flurry of recent activity at exactly the time when it was known the British Supreme Court would issue its extradition ruling — suspected WikiLeaks supporters being aggressively accosted by the FBI while Hillary Clinton is now meeting with top officials in Sweden — adds to the reasonable suspicion that the U.S. is seeking to exploit Assange’s extradition to Sweden as a means of bringing him to the U.S. to face prosecution under espionage charges. That this administration has an unprecedented fixation on secrecy and prosecuting whistleblowers — while key Democratic Senators such as Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein have publicly called for Assange’s prosecution for espionage — makes this all the more likely.


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