A den of liars, sadists, and bullies

The title refers, of course, to the FBI specifically, but it could easily be expanded to include any of our nation’s law enforcement and judicial apparatuses, especially those involved in any way with the ‘Global War on Terror’ (that would be all of them).

I’ve heard and read that 9/11 ‘changed everything’, and I’ve always reflexively rejected that trope.  What 9/11 did was encourage the nation to drop any remaining pretense of being anything other than what it’s increasingly appeared to be since 9/11.  Refer again to this post’s title.

Of course, you know this is the part where I offer you some links.  To get the full effect, I suggest you read them in the order presented.

EXCLUSIVE: From Hopeful Immigrant to FBI Informant – The Inside Story of the Other Abu Zubaidah

So Then the FBI Sent Out an Agent to Check Up on My FOIA Request …

Now I offer you a sweet little bonus.  Think of it as an intellectual dessert course, something to savor while you think about paying twice as much for the privilege of being insulted and demeaned at the airport in the name of inept security theater.

Senate committee votes to help TSA spend more money

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