2010: Frustrated at the lack of blood coming from the turnips they put in the House, Senate, and White House in ’06 and ’08, Democratic voters decide that it’s not worth the effort to choose better Democratic representatives, so they sit out the primaries in record numbers.

2010 (later): Vile teabagger sock puppets of GOP clean up in general elections while Democratic voters still display strong preference for capitulation.  In a related development, the color Green is conspicuously invisible to these supposedly frustrated liberals and ‘progressives.’

February 2010: Democratic President Obama’s basketball pal and former Chicago Public Schools ‘CEO’ (and privatization shill) Arne Duncan applauds Rhode Island school district’s union-busting move of firing all its teachers.  Obama enthusiastically agrees, and lauds firings as a test case for his school corporatization agenda.

February 2011: Teabagger-led GOP state governments, and some Democrats, target teachers’ unions as ‘public enemy number 1.’

November 2010: Citing concern over budget deficits, Democratic President Obama announces a two-year pay freeze for nearly two million federal government workers.   Curiously, Obama’s concerns don’t appear to include the billions of taxpayer dollars that are literally vanishing into Afghanistan and Iraq, nor do they include the billions that were used to light the celebratory cigars of bailed-out hedge fund managers and derivatives traders.

January-March 2011: Citing concerns over budget deficits, GOP state governments target public employee unions.

See a pattern here?  Let’s see if we’ll angle this spiral further down at the polls in 2012.  Will you show up?  If so, which brand of bipartisan snake oil will you prefer?

(NOTE: My wife has informed me that my belligerent and condescending tone is not likely to win converts.  With that in mind, I wish to cordially invite you all to vote a straight Green ticket– where possible– in the next election cycle.  In the interest of maintaining this spirit of welcoming openness, I will refrain from telling you to go fuck yourself should you decline.  You’d be doing a fine job of that without me telling you, anyway.)

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