Here you can read Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough’s speech to the ADAMS Center in Sterling, Virginia.  I’m sure many liberals and progressives will give the Obama administration credit for having an underling offer these words of support at a not-well-publicized event, even as congressional Republicans prepare to use their national platform and legislative authority to stage a vile Muslim-bashing event.  Not that they or their Noise Machine allies have been silent on the issue in advance of that grandstanding gala of bigotry, of course.

In addition to blasting the administration’s tepid response to this opportunistic and widespread wave of bigoted scapegoating, I’d like to take issue with the words themselves.  Not once in the prepared speech does Deputy McDonough call direct attention to that which Nicole Belle does; namely, that the vast majority of U.S. domestic terrorism is carried out by right-wing ‘activists.’

That aside, it would be nice to take seriously the Obama administration’s commitment to ‘protecting the rights and civil liberties of every American.’  It would be peachy to accept at face value the Obama deputy’s implication that the U.S. government doesn’t see Muslims or Islam with a jaundiced eye.  I’ll believe it when I see Obama call the FBI and the ‘Justice’ Department off of the peaceful organizers whose alleged transgression is showing solidarity with peaceful Muslims and Arabs who are struggling to survive under the illegal and immoral yokes of the U.S. and its allies halfway across the globe.  I’ll believe it when I see Obama redeploy those federal agents into investigating and disabling the networks that support and encourage anti-Muslim and other right-wing violence in the U.S.

Until I see that kind of meaningful action, I’ll just take the words of the Obama administration to be as  conveniently impotent (if not outright hypocritical and duplicitous) as they usually are.

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