Meet the new boss, not sufficiently different from the old boss.
Do you remember the Miami Seven from 2006? The GOP was in a critical midterm election year, and the Bush Administration had already displayed a habit of using trumped-up terrorism fears (painted in the blood of 9/11 victims, of course) to shill for votes. So a group of goofballs with all the competence of the Apple Dumpling Gang were herded by the feds into a lackluster terrorism plot, the details of which they seemed to have only a passing comprehension. The subsequent arrests and prosecutions were hyped breathlessly by the lickspittle stenographers of our corporate media outlets, and it was a while before the story lost its breath beneath the crushing weight of its own emptiness.
Anyway, the grownups are in charge again under Obama, right? No more fake terrorists, right?
I want you to read the entire story, but I’ll reprint what I think is the only important segment right here:

But the FBI was onto him from the start, planting an informant and undercover agents to record Hassoun’s every move. Hassoun never realized it, but the FBI provided him with the camcorder he used to scout bombing locations, paid him $2,700 so he could quit his job to work full time on his terrorism plot and gave him the phony bomb he left in the garbage bin outside Sluggers in the 3500 block of North Clark Street, according to the complaint.

So this intrepid terrorist had no bomb of his own, had no planning equipment, and couldn’t even afford to take time from his job to work out his grand plans for municipal domination. Is it just me, or does it look like this guy was off his rocker and was spouting off, was turned in to the feds, who then gave him everything he needed to pretend to be what he was fantasizing about?
I’m not completely dismissing the very remote probability that this dingbat might actually have gone through with a plot of his own had he been left alone. However, might it not have saved the taxpayers considerable money had the FBI just sent someone to sit this guy down and have a stern chat with him?
I’m not one to expend great amounts of emotional energy railing against labyrinthine government conspiracies. Frankly, I no longer give a shit: the people of this great nation have long since proven themselves so apathetic and gullible that our leaders need not try so hard. However, it’s a little depressing to pick up a newspaper (which I didn’t buy, thank you very much) and see yet another obvious fear-mongering police state stunt being treated so credulously by the ostensible and erstwhile guardians of our democracy.

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