I’d gain an ort of respect for the teabaggers if they’d protest this, but I won’t hold my breath:
(excerpt below)
Coast Guard officials were on a boat with BP contractors who stopped CBS News cameras from viewing an oily beach, and the Coast Guard – which is in charge of the investigation – admits it’s had access to live video since Day One but wouldn’t let Congress or the public see it, Attkisson reports.
See, this country was founded in part as a reaction to foreign corporate dominance. One of the key grievances of the nation’s founders was that their economic and civic interests were– through force of arms– made subordinate to the profits of a foreign-owned, transnational corporation. Now it appears that a branch of our own armed services is playing Redcoat for British Petroleum.
Don’t we have a Democrat in the White House? Don’t we have Democrats in majorities in both houses of Congress? Where’s your Hope and Change? This looks like the same ol’ crap we got during the Bush years, and during the Clinton years before that. Big Money calls the shots, and our government answers. It’s fully bipartisan.
If this is the best we can do, then this republic needs and deserves to collapse soon.

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