Barack Obama is a U.S. president who should have relatively intimate knowledge of just how bad is the repression carried out by Indonesian forces who were trained and supplied by the United States. That his administration would now consider skirting congressional bans on further aid to these butchers is beyond repugnant. This is more evidence that U.S. citizens are long past needing to break out of the bipartisan electoral trap. If we don’t have the maturity, courage, and basic human decency to elect better alternatives to the corporate-friendly, imperialist Democratic and Republican pilots of our nation’s currently accelerating death spiral, then we deserve the self-immolating conflagration that lies just around the bend.

I’m doing my part by voting Green, and as my daughter is only four years old and must try to survive the holocaust we’re leaving her generation, I will take no pleasure in saying to both stubborn wingnuts and ‘sensible’ liberals “I fucking told you so.”

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