I had a horrible feeling in the days immediately following the 9/11 attacks. It wasn’t just that there were no planes flying (at the time I lived in Uptown, which is right under the eastern approach to O’Hare Airport). It wasn’t just that the world’s most powerful nation ever had been brought to its knees by a well-organized group of assholes wielding only box cutters. No, what gave me dark pause was the sense that the nation had just been given a surprise final exam, and that all signs leading up to that moment pointed to the likelihood of miserable failure.

The corporate media did their level best to make the Bush administration’s horrible behavior look not so bad. They ignored what they couldn’t obfuscate when they couldn’t ignore it altogether. Still, it should have been obvious to anyone not sucking their thumb and hiding under a pile of their own soiled diapers that what remained of our long embattled and disputed national promise was being bludgeoned into a coma.

When millions of people lined up to elect the symbolically historic presidential candidate Barack Obama, I was barely amused and finding no cause for optimism. With the list of people Obama had as his advisers, I found no reason to expect a substantial change from the policies of the Bush administration. Turns out I was mostly right, and in no way is this more true than in immigration policy. Read it and weep, citizens, because this shit never rests. Unless it is called out and crushed, it will metastasize and engulf us all. And so dies the republic.

America’s Secret ICE Castles

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  1. Happy Holidays to you! 🙂

  2. Sam Holloway says:

    Thanks, Daisy. Enjoy yours, as well.

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