I don’t yet have access to the transcript, but I was in a convenience store about an hour ago and saw that ABC’s evening news was on. The story I saw was about the number of U.S. military fatalities today and yesterday in Afghanistan. As I recall, eight were killed in action yesterday and fourteen today. Charlie Gibson quoted an anonymous ‘senior military official’ who said, and I paraphrase, that the Taliban must be trying to influence our decisions about troop levels in the country. Right. Are you sure they aren’t trying to influence the Yankees’ World Series pitching rotation? Either that anonymous official (so credulously and dutifully quoted by ABC) is one cynical bastard, or he (or she) really has a problem with projection. The Taliban is most certainly interested in influencing U.S. troop levels; they want the U.S. and its allies out of Afghanistan and Pakistan. More to the point, though, it’s likely that anonymous official wants troop levels to rise. That would escalate the violence and get the U.S. dug deeper into the quagmire, thus ensuring that the anonymous official will have a greater opportunity to cement his ties to the corporate war profiteers who will continue to reap the benefits of the conflict. And sometime after the U.S. has finally left Afghanistan (or when the official is ready to retire, whichever comes first), he will have a lucrative job waiting for him at some corporate war profiteer or other.
But ABC News wouldn’t think of sticking even a pinkie toe into such speculation.

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