Slovenian political philosopher Slavoj Žižek, on Democracy Now!:

This is what every leftist, as I repeat it, should worry about, because let’s concede to the devil what belongs to the devil. … It may have been that capitalism needed dictatorship for ten, twenty years—Chile, South Korea—but when things started to move, capitalism always engendered a push toward some kind of democracy. No longer. I claim that what is now emerging in the Far East started—it started in Singapore, this kind of so-called, again, authoritarian capitalism. I think something new is emerging: a capitalism even more dynamic…than our own, but which, even in long term, doesn’t need democracy.

I’m hard pressed to disagree with the philosopher on this. In the midst of the financial crises of late we’re seeing the structural reinforcement of the very inequities and corruptions that created the crises, and these structures are widening the gulf between the haves and the have-lesses (and have-nots). We’re also seeing no break in the stride of our nation’s continuing march toward full police state. We have a country run by wealthy oligarchy, and the masses are being put under great financial strain. Democracy has already been reduced to little more than a formality. We also have a very vocal and self-destructive minority (e.g. right-wing militias, tea-baggers, and 9/12ers) being egged into very open rebelliousness that can easily be turned into an unofficial or semi-official arm of any emerging right-wing faux-populist police state. It will all only serve to reinforce and maintain what Mr. Žižek describes.

(I highly recommend watching the other segment of the show as well, since it clearly explains how bad our financial crisis is and why its going to get much worse.)

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