If you cover for a past misdeed when you have the power, authority, and responsibility for correcting it and holding the miscreants responsible, are you as guilty as they are? Do you at least share in their guilt? More importantly, can you be trusted?

I remember a few weeks ago when the Beltway veterans of the Obama administration were screaming bloody murder when a Scottish court released convicted Pan Am 103 bombing suspect Abdelbaset Ali Mohmet al-Megrahi on humanitarian grounds. Al-Megrahi still maintained his innocence, and I admit that I reflexively gave his protestations far more weight than the grandstanding of the Obama officials. Now, of course, it turns out that my well-honed, armchair analyst reflexes were more accurate than I thought.

Evidence the US Bought the Megrahi Conviction


The SCCRC has recovered undisclosed material which indicates that:

(a) The witness Tony Gauci had, at an early stage, expressed an interest in receiving payment or compensation for his co-operation in giving evidence, and that this interest persisted until after the trial

(b) that the witness Paul Gauci had ” a clear desire to gain financial benefit” from his and his brothers co-operation and that Paul Gauci exercised considerable influence over his brother

(c) that the U.S. authorities offered to make substantial payments to the witness Tony Gauci from an early stage

(d) that an application for reward monies was made on behalf of the SIO of the investigation team of the Scottish police to the U.S. Department of Justice, after the trial, and that substantial payments were received by both Tony (in excess of $2m) and Paul Gauci (in excess of $1m) after the appeal.

Bastards. Read the rest to learn more about change you can believe in.

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