They’re re-fighting the Civil War. They’re doing what those millions of poor and working-class white men were doing when they fought to preserve an economic order that kept most of them down; they killed, suffered, and died to keep the marginal privileges of a social order that made them nominally better than millions of others to whom they were much closer socioeconomically. The teabaggers are fighting hard to keep living in mud, because they think it will keep someone else living in shit. They’re protesting against something that would be a tremendous help to nearly all of them. To make it deliciously ironic, what they’re protesting (‘socialized’ medicine) isn’t even being seriously offered.
All of that is bad enough. The cherry on top of this asinine political sundae is described in detail by Bill Moyers.

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  1. Thanks for this. Reminds me a little of Edward R. Murrow's piece on McCarthy. Too bad everybody's too panicked to listen…

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