NYTimes: It has been reported that you’re a paid adviser to the insurance giant UnitedHealth Group, which opposes your belief that health care reform needs to have a public option. Why do you work with them?

(Former Democratic Senator) Tom Daschle: On the left there are those who say that you should never talk to people who differ with you on a high-profile issue. My question to the left would be, whom would they advise these insurance companies talk to? Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin? That’s the alternative. They can talk to Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, or they can talk to me.

I’ve got an idea, Tom: how about we don’t talk the insurance companies at all?

Just to be clear about what I quote up there, look at what Daschle does. First, he builds a Straw Man group of leftists in an attempt to divert attention from his own whoring. It isn’t just that some of us “on the left” differ with the insurance companies on this “high-profile issue.” The insurance companies have clearly demonstrated a sociopathic disinterest in anything but the bottom line, and there’s no reason they should be involved in any serious discussion of health care reform.

Second, Daschle conveniently ignores that whether or not the insurance companies have already been talking to right-wing demagogues like Beck, Palin, and Limbaugh, these demagogues have been eagerly disseminating the insurance industry talking points. So, by Daschle’s own construction, those of us ‘on the left’ (the majority of U.S. citizens that wants some form of public plan to compete with the insurance industry vampires) can expect to have no one representing our interests.

Thanks for the enlightenment, Tom.

via Jonathan Schwarz.

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