I just read a stupendous guest post by Nell Lancaster at A Tiny Revolution, and I think you should read it, too. It’s about the Obama administration’s refusal to condemn and take meaningful action against the Honduran coup. I’m not at all surprised by the Obama administration’s inaction, though Obama’s whiny rationalization–

…note the irony that the people who were complaining about the U.S. intervening in Latin America are now complaining that we are not interfering enough.

–is rank moral cowardice of the lowest order. It nearly equals Obama’s vile Pontius Pilate imitation during the Israeli massacre in Gaza before his inauguration. Listen, Barack, it isn’t whether or not you get involved. It’s how and why that matter. But thanks for assuming that I’m as dumb as a box of rocks (or a Fox News viewer).

That said, Nell Lancaster makes an observation that I’m surprised I’d never considered:

The U.S. president who catered to the fascist base has been replaced by the one who caters to the sane, “responsible” power brokers, who are happy to have the far right as a way to keep the rest of us in line, just as Bernard pointed out. In case you think that this kind of response is limited to uppity foreigners, reflect on what Obama’s response to the Honduran coup has in common with his health care “reform”. Having no intention whatsoever of making any change that would inconvenience the money men, he finds the wingnut screamers handy; they make what he’s offering look pretty good by comparison.

This is ‘Change’ you can believe in, folks. The legions of frothing lunatics who call for Obama’s blood are just useful idiots to him. He is assuming that their occasional (and increasingly frequent) outbursts of violence won’t ever touch him or his congressional cohort; in fact, the typical left-wing targets of that violence are the very people that really make the pro-corporate and imperialist Democrats uncomfortable. So Obama and the Democrats largely do nothing– rhetorical or otherwise– to defuse or confront this right-wing lunacy, because it serves a purpose to them.

I didn’t think I would bother to loathe our two-party political scam any more, but this morning I do.

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