How can a species this prone to aggressive stupidity have survived this long?
On the one hand, you have this story:
Things are so bad that in the infamous encampment outside of L.A. local officials are systematically sorting people in order to control the population. You get to stay if you can prove you lived locally before you became homeless! Woo hoo! Otherwise, you gotta scram and be homeless somewhere else. Land of plenty, folks. Land of opportunity. All this is happening while our wonderful elected officials have shelled out our tax dollars– including the tax dollars those homeless folks earned and paid before and probably after they became homeless– to the same greedy bastards who caused this deepening financial crisis. Where is the bailout for the average folks? Maybe the average folks need to get the same color wristbands as the greedy fucking bankers and financial wizards.
On the other hand, you’d think that people would be so pissed at the state of things that they’d get their act together as citizens and start educating themselves and taking positive democratic action to– oh, bullshit. Who am I kidding? A large percentage of our population is made up of proudly ignorant, knuckle-dragging racists who doggedly insist on scuttling their own lot (and taking us with them if they can). At least some of them are finding creative ways to express their frothing stupidity. Like this nitwit:
This challenges the very nature of irony. Pardon me while I go take a nap.

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