During the recent election campaign, nutjob vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin frequently made ham-fisted attempts to tie Barack Obama to 1960s and ’70s ‘terrorist’ Bill Ayers. The corporate media amplified Palin’s ludicrous accusations and insinuations as though they might actually deserve to be seen as legitimate. The corporate media also ignored Palin’s strong and direct ties to the sort of right-wing groups that are always a hair’s breadth from having their members go ‘lone wolf’ and get into anti-government or white supremacist violence.
In their urge to protect a corporate-friendly status quo, the corporate media endanger us all with their insistence on maintaining a false balance. The left wing is not on the same level as the right wing. Palin’s lame attempt to smear Obama is telling: as recent events have confirmed, right-wing terrorism is always with us. You have to dig pretty deep and paste on a lot of qualifiers, however, to find much meaningful left-wing terrorism.
This difference in violence is even more pronounced now, considering that the right wing has major propaganda organs in just about every avenue of corporate media. Those organs (and many of their lesser satellites) are fed by a seemingly endless supply of money pooled by wealthy, right-wing assholes. The right wing recently held a virtual lock on all three branches of the federal government for the better part of six years, and were able to act out many of their policy wet dreams without opposition. With so much power and influence, the right wing should have very little to complain about. Yet, here we are:
Since the Negro President was sworn in, these racists and professional malcontents haven’t even bothered to sugarcoat their bloodthirsty, treasonous rhetoric.
Compare this to the Bush years, when a stolen election was followed by a suspiciously lame response to the nation’s worst-ever foreign-sponsored terrorist attack, which was then followed by two illegal and unjustified military engagements (both of which we are still ongoing). All through this ordeal the Constitution was treated like toilet paper, and the nation’s regulatory agencies were openly turned into rubber stamps for the industries they were charged with policing. The left-wing response to all of this was to organize politically and attempt to elect more Democrats in order to oppose these actions. The most extreme lefties demonstrated publicly and called for congressional investigations and impeachment. Where were the calls for violent overthrow of the government? Where was the talk about loading up and going hunting for right-wing supporters of genocide and illegal warfare? If it was there, I’m sure I’d have heard about it from CNN and Fox News.
But that’s the difference between the right wing and the left wing. Right-wingers like to ridicule left-wingers for being a bunch of limp-wristed whiners who hate America, but left-wingers generally use the processes of democracy to try and get their way. It’s the right-wingers, though, who despise democracy, and who start fingering their gun triggers and talking about revolution when the vote doesn’t go their way.

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