So the Obama administration has not only dragged its feet on due process for the remaining prisoners in the illegal facility at Guantanamo Bay, it has also refused to take a stand on providing a haven in the U.S. for those who were obviously wrongfully imprisoned and have nowhere else to go. As if all that weren’t bad enough, Obama is making jokes about the very people he has hung out to dry. I guess some might find his jokes funny, but I’d feel a little more mirthful if Obama’s ‘Justice’ Department went after the cowardly assholes who were responsible for building the illegal facility and filling it with innocent people. Then I might be inclined to get tickled over his humor if he said “fuck you” to certain chickenshit, grandstanding members of Congress and just found some of these people homes in the U.S. (And just in case some pea-brained troll stumbles upon this post and asks the asshole question, my answer is “hell, yes, I’d be glad to have one of them as a neighbor.” Hell, I’d help them write their story, if they asked.)
That parenthetic aside deserves a bit more focus. I think the real reason that so many of our ruling elite (in government and media) don’t want the liberated prisoners on our soil– in addition to Andy Worthington’s point about not wanting to piss off China– is because they don’t want to be that close to walking, talking evidence that they were all complicit in one of the most egregious human rights violations this country has committed since the official end of slavery.
With each passing day I become less enamored of Mr. Obama. If only his most vociferous critics would give him hell for the right reasons, I’d have more company.

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