This particular segment had become so redundant for so long that I’d not bothered with it.  Today I saw something that so offended me I couldn’t help it.  Follow the link below and watch the embedded video:
Heather is right to take this scumwad to task.  What an unbelievable pile of self-important crap he is.  First of all, throwing down the Dirty Fucking Hippie straw man is a real punk-ass move.  If he’s so proud to serve the interests of his wealthy masters, why not just sack up and admit that?  Why slag on hard-working people (yes, asshole, people with real jobs!) who took their own free time and their own resources to sound the alarm about what was really happening?  If you’re so proud to be wrong, you cowardly piece of shit, why not just stand on that alone?

Oh, and by the way, ‘your country’ didn’t succeed; it failed miserably because you and all the other highly paid sycophants were busy cheerleading the liars and the war criminals when you should have been holding their wicked feet to the fire.  So fuck you.

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