I won’t pretend that most U.S. citizens even care about the misery we’ve been inflicting on Afghanistan (and now Pakistan). So I’ll just skip to the part where it comes back to bite us in the ass.

There are two elements of potential blowback from the Obama administration’s expansion of military operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan. First is the obvious: we’re killing more civilians, pissing more people off, and creating greater instability in a highly volatile region. That’s not going to turn out well. The second bit has more to do with the continuing lawlessness and amoral carelessness of the U.S. military approach. Instead of putting the Bush administration on trial for war crimes, the Obama administration is hiring their henchmen to do its own overseas dirty work. It reminds me of all those Nazis we hired to fight the Cold War; except the Obama people don’t even have the decency and class to give us a Nuremburg Show.

I consider the second element far more dangerous than the first. I’m not overly concerned about the Taliban coming overseas to exact revenge; they just want us out so they can continue to relive the Stone Age. I’m also not concerned with Islamic extremists gaining control over a nuclear arsenal; I’m not convinced that their alleged murderous insanity would ever go so far as to be apocalyptically suicidal. No, my largest concern is that this new quagmire of Obama’s is going to put the nation even further in the red, and it is going to create a new generation of pissed-off, mentally (or at least morally) unstable trained killers who are all going to have to come home when the ‘Af-Pak’ adventure collapses. We’ve already got multitudes of racist yahoos and other assorted assholes who are arming themselves to the teeth for fear of the Nigger President taking away their precious freedoms. We’ve got an ideologically irrelevant right wing that is busy whipping up the froth of resentment and fear among those thousands (millions?) of assholes. Combine this with legitimate anger and frustration over the collapsing economy (which the Obama administration seems to believe can be fixed by rewarding and coddling the assholes who collapsed it), and you’ve got all the fixin’s for an unholy stew of violent social upheaval. I don’t even want to imagine where those pissed-off trained killers are going to fit into the story.

Anyway, I suggest you read the following Tomgram for more on the developing clusterfuck that is being dubbed ‘Af-Pak.’ Then you can call me an idiot for voting for Cynthia McKinney.

The Pressure of an Expanding War

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