it sounds like what you’ll find at the following link:
Listening to Scarborough talk about how “it works” and how “it worked” makes my skin crawl.  What a cowardly piece of shit.  Not only is he lying about the example he gives, there is no proof that torture ever works; to the contrary, there is a mountain of evidence that suggests it is counterproductive.  (Methinks the bastard watched too many episodes of the vile “24” and– since his punk ass has never been close to any danger– substituted his TV viewing for having a fucking clue.)  That’s not even mentioning what Scarborough and Gregory unsurprisingly don’t dwell on: waterboarding is torture and as such it is illegal.  The massive bloody shirt that Joe Pisspants waves– 9/11– could have been easily stopped had there been an executive branch interested in leading the nation’s national security apparatus to shining levels of basic competence.  But we didn’t get that, and now we get to watch a smug coward fantasize to the nation about ‘cities burning’ because he doesn’t get to feel confident that enough brown people are getting tortured.
Still, when I see pieces of shit waxing on like this, I guess I should count my blessings instead of getting angry.  We’re a democratic nation led by self-serving cowards, and we have yet to pay the full price for our massive civic failure.

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