Go to the link below and watch the video (and hurry, because there’s no telling how long CNBC will keep it online):

Predicting Crisis: Dr. Doom & the Black Swan

The problem isn’t the two guests; they are quite lucid and logical, and their points are being clearly made.  Still the CNBC pundits try to drag them into their usual inane drivel, as though the crisis we are facing can be overcome by resorting to business as usual.  At certain points they even try to undercut their guests’ credibility (by smarmily labeling them potential ‘rock stars’).

Especially noxious is the scumbag who talks about being ‘accosted at cocktail parties’ by other rich bitches who are apparently equally clueless.  And the guests are correct: the problem we have is directly related to our continuing policy of putting the clueless and the destructive into positions of influence and power.  I don’t see Mr. Hope and Change doing anything about that, do you?

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