Anyone who was paying attention during the Dubya years knows that the corporate media at all levels were often little more than stenographers for Bush administration propaganda.  At times, in fact, they went above and beyond the call of duty to help Bush and his cabal run roughshod over everything decent and humane.  So it is not surprising that they normally perform this service in larger, less specific ways.

I must interject here that I work frequently with police officers in my profession, and I have a great deal of respect both for what their job demands of them and for how well they usually perform their duties.  However, there is no question that our nation has a sordid history of injustice and inequality, and our police forces have often found themselves on the front lines of administering injustice to those whom our nation has deemed worthy of such.  The entire criminal justice system has carried out this function, as well.  This isn’t to suggest that all officers are racist thugs all the time, or that all prosecutors are lying, cynical, politically reaching snakes who will do anything to build up their conviction statistics and tough-on-crime reputations.  Furthermore, even when egregiously unjust behaviors are enacted, much of the blame can sometimes be laid at the feet of systemic causes.

That said, certain systemic faults can be changed, and certain patterns of behavior changed, but only if they are challenged by the masses.  And the masses will only challenge if they understand the nature and gravity of the faults.  Given how many people gain such understanding primarily from corporate media, it is imperative that such media provide as thorough and well-balanced a view of such systemic issues as possible.  Unfortunately, that is rarely the case.

Follow the link below, and watch the embedded video, for a case study of this depressing dynamic in action.

Framing an Execution

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