Both the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times have bold, giant headlines today proclaiming that the 100% survival rate from yesterday’s plane crash on the Hudson was a “MIRACLE!!!!”


Jesus Christ turning water into Mogen David Concord Red was a miracle. The unlikely emergency landing on the Hudson River and the ensuing successful rescue effort were the product of training, dedication, diligence, and experience. Oh, and most all of this was brought to you by UNION LABOR. If the all-caps business is annoying, I apologize. Just hold onto that annoyance and vent it the next time you hear some right-wing, pro-corporate stooge whining about how unions are destructive to our economy. Even if you are the polite and pious sort, you have my permission to tell such pampered, lying windbags to GO FUCK THEMSELVES.

The preceding blog post was made possible by this person and this person.

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