I am not overly critical of the outpouring of emotion in the wake of Barack Obama’s presidential election victory, but that emotion raises red flags for me. Though it is good to be happy (or at least relieved) at the outcome of the election, we as citizens have to be very careful not to get caught up in the symbolism of an Obama victory and imminent presidency; we have to vigilant about just what the Democrats are going to do with their measure of control over two branches of the federal gov’t. While I have a tremendous amount of respect for the campaign that Barack Obama and his people ran (they stayed classy and didn’t squander one penny of that $600 million), there is no way that the product will live up to the sales pitch without some revolutionary behavior. And I don’t see that coming out of the band of centrists and triangulators with whom Obama is surrounding himself; I don’t see it coming from a House majority led by Nancy (‘accountability is off the table’) Pelosi; and I don’t see it coming from the Democratic majorities in both houses who just handed a huge wad of taxpayer wealth over to the very robber barons who have been shit-canning our economy for the last several decades. We’re way past the point of getting by on incremental change. Changes at the margins won’t help if the core is rotted beyond repair.

With that in mind, I link you to a worthwhile bit of perspective from Digby. She clearly points out that we’re going to have to be some noisy (and organized) malcontents if we want to get anything progressive done over the next four to eight years. I am reminded of the scene in Michael Moore’s “Sicko,” where a U.S. expatriate living in Paris points out that in France the government is afraid of the people, but in the U.S. the people are afraid of (and I might add loathing toward) their government. We need to establish the former, like yesterday.

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