I just received a newsletter from my union local, the one that shows up a few weeks ahead of every election. I will reconstruct the first segment in the upper left-hand corner:

President and Vice President
Barack Obama & Joe Biden – Dem
(endorsed by our IAFF & AFFI)

John McCain & Sarah Palin – Rep
(neither party contacted Local 2 for endorsement)

“Neither party contacted Local 2 for endorsement.” Isn’t that some carefully worded chicken shit, now? Like they had to wait to be asked! Chicago is a Democratic machine city and Chicago firefighters’ salaries are paid predominantly by Democratic taxpayers, so why shy away from endorsing the Democratic candidate when both the international and state firefighter’s associations have endorsed Obama/Biden? (I didn’t even mention that Barack Obama currently calls Chicago home; I felt that would be piling on.)

I have a hunch based on a preponderance of anecdotal evidence: most of my colleagues are likely going to vote for McCain/Palin, bless their little right-wing hearts. Either the Local 2 executive board is aware of this and doesn’t want to piss off the membership by endorsing the ni– I mean the hometown candidate, or they are also mostly McCain/Palin supporters themselves.

If either or both facets of my hunch are correct, then why not just openly endorse their favored ticket? Are they afraid that a union of handsomely paid public servants backing an openly anti-labor, anti-union presidential ticket during a recession and while the city is laying people off might look bad during contract negotiations? I agree that it might look bad, but it certainly wouldn’t send the wrong message.

2 comments on “

  1. Jeff says:

    What a bunch of asswipes, I’m sick of nearly all of them. I’ve tried to explain a few obvious things, but they couldn’t care less about the history of Republican hatred for labor. All they give a shit about is how high their taxes are going up, and who to (wrongly) blame for it. This list by some genius has made the rounds, and they’re all convinced it’s the end of the world if “B. Hussein Obama” gets elected. I tried to reason with them one last time here, but they really are truly hopeless. At least their votes will be futile in Illinois.

  2. Jeff says:

    Oh yeah, you should have heard all the bullshit being said before the last union meeting when everybody walked into the Electrician’s hall and saw Obama/Biden posters plastered everywhere, waving at all of them with their huge grins. I was laughing my ass off.

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