In these dark times, one rarely finds cause for celebration.  While lost deep in my usual aimless surfing in search of depressing news and perspectives, I discovered that Billmon has returned.  He apparently has a spot on the roster at Daily Kos, and so far he is setting ’em up and knocking ’em down just like old times.

I have removed the dead link to his old blog, and I’ve replaced it with a link to his Daily Kos diary homepage.  Let’s hope this analysis of U.S. involvement in the Russian/Georgian conflict is merely a sample of many insightful and fact-filled analyses yet to come.

Welcome back, Billmon.

Speaking of the Russian/Georgian conflict , co-blogger Bernard Chazelle at A Tiny Revolution gives another piercing analysis of the bipartisan U.S. assholery that has contributed to the violence.

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