Not that I’m a wise man or anything, but this blog is starting resemble Arthur Silber’s more every day. Yesterday I said that

having a ‘lib’rul nigger’ in the Oval Office will give the right wing a perfect pretext for erupting into a joyous spasm of paranoid victimization, hatred, and militancy that will make the Clinton years seem quite tame.

Dave Neiwert seems to agree. So, ironically, a John McCain presidency might just be safer for us all, especially the colored folk. Which is not to suggest that I am recommending a vote for John McCain. It’s just that if I and my family are going to be prime targets for savagely expressed right-wing loathing and fear, I want to get my money’s worth (in the long and short run). I want a president who will earn the loathing and fear of our nation’s worst individuals while making an honest effort to give the nation a chance to build for a sustainable future. I want Cynthia McKinney.

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