I’d like to share with you a notion I expressed to my good friends Dick J. and D.W. regarding Dennis Kucinich’s introduction of articles of impeachment for George W. Bush:

It can pass if enough congressional representatives vote for it. If they don’t vote for it, they have to answer to their constituents. If their constituents don’t vote them out (or demand recall), then those constituents are, by clear extension, endorsing the Bush administration’s crimes.

There is precedent, too: the Republicans went after Clinton for a blow job lie, even though they knew they didn’t have the votes, and they saw the polls indicating that the majority of the public was against the impeachment. They weren’t trying to get Clinton out of office (realistically). They hated Clinton, sure, but it was all about making a political statement. Now, you might argue that there was no meaningful political statement to be made by impeaching Clinton for lying about a blow job, and in a strictly moral and constitutional sense I would agree with you. But look at how much mileage the Rethugs were able to get out of dragging the White House through the slime pit.

If there was ever a time to do something practically irrelevant but morally meaningful, I’d say it is now. Spend the next seven months dragging this White House through the blood, gore, and iniquity it has spread for the last seven years. Make it clear to the Merrkin people what we are supposed to stand for as a nation, and make it clear to them who is worthy of standing up for that.

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