My apocalyptic funny bone was tickled a bit by this comment beneath an Aunt B. post:

…these sorta things make me feel good about supporting Obama because if all the they (they being both the Republicans and racist Democrats) can dig up on the guy is completely and utterly unsubstantiated innuendo, then that alone puts him leaps and bounds above most politicians.

Not so fast, dear Dolphin.

The Republicans spent years and millions of dollars going after Clinton. They tossed up a world of ridiculous horseshit, and the only thing they could make stick was a lie about a blow job. Does that mean that Clinton was ‘good’? Not necessarily. It was more likely a demonstration that there was insufficient practical difference between Clinton’s policy behavior and what the Republicans would have done if one of their own were in the driver’s seat.

For the same reason, the Right Wing Noise Machine doesn’t even bother misrepresenting or lying about Obama’s policy platforms. No matter what differences of detail you might find between Obama and McCain, neither candidate is promising to make substantial changes in the way our country is operating (at home and abroad). They aren’t going to challenge the financial institutions, they aren’t going to challenge the fossil fuel paradigm, they aren’t going to rein in the insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and they most definitely aren’t going to touch the military-industrial complex.

McCain would pander to the social issues of the right wing, and Obama would toss a few policy marshmallows to self-imagined liberals and progressives. McCain seems determined to maintain (if not accelerate) the Bush pattern of national self-immolation. Obama– based on what he and his folks have said and done– would at best put the self-destruction in a holding pattern for four or eight years; in the meantime, having a ‘lib’rul nigger’ in the Oval Office will give the right wing a perfect pretext for erupting into a joyous spasm of paranoid victimization, hatred, and militancy that will make the Clinton years seem quite tame. The Republican (or nakedly right-wing Democrat) who follows Obama will have the political capital to drive the final nails into the republic’s coffin.

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