Walk through this progression with me:

A Washington, D.C. ‘madam’ is busted, and reveals the names of several clients who just happen to be major players in the Republican Party. She subsequently threatens to reveal many more, but makes the mistake of giving her list of names to ABC; the House of the Rat predictably fails to come clean to the public. One of the clients– who happens to be a functionary of the Bush administration– resigns. Another, a powerful Republican senator, does not, and isn’t touched by the rest of Congress for his ‘indiscretion’. In fact, none of the most powerful names on Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s erstwhile client list are troubled to make an appearance in court.

The accused ‘madam’ is found guilty, but, again, none of her high-profile customers are charged with anything (and most of them aren’t even publicly named).

The accused ‘madam’ is reported to commit suicide.

The corporate media, who have served as eager enablers of even the most outlandish government propaganda for the last seven years, fall all over themselves to accept the suicide as fact. This in spite of Palfrey’s insistence that she would likely be ‘suicided,’ and that she was intent on fighting the case and revealing more names to the public.

Go ahead, call me a conspiracy theorist. Tell me I’ve seen too many Hollywood movies. And I will ask you if it is more likely that one + one = two, or if one + one = any-goddamn-thing else.

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