The more I learn about Jeremiah Wright, the more I like him. Honestly: what has the man said that was so fundamentally wrong? As Arthur Silber is wont to point out, the truth is a dangerous thing to many in this self-deluding shadow of a republic.

Wright’s latest hit here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What did he say that is wrong? Equating Romans, who crucified Christ, with Italians as excuse to slur Italians. Wrong since Romans of that today were Latins and Estrucans. Italians came from Germanic tribes that took over the area of Italy from the Romans. So in slurring an ethnic group, he got the wrong one. And he was wrong to turn Christ’s death into a race issue of white men keeping black men down, since the atoning sacrifice had nothing to do with that. But if he wants to play race card, then by his own pitiful logic, those of Jesus’ own race (which according to him, is black), would have also done Him in. Black or black crime, anyone?He was wrong to pass off conspiracy theories like America invented AIDs to kill blacks or pass drugs to blacks to get them jailed (as if blacks can’t say no to drugs or avoid things that can lead to AIDs in first place- so his words actually should offend blacks more than anyone else there about responsibility). Wrong because role of pastor is to speak the truth, not pass off conspiracy theories, that have no basis in reality, as truth.He was wrong to make missing victim Natalie Holloway to be some drunken slut, as if it is relevent. He was wrong to label Israel a terrorist state while supporting terrorist groups like Hamas that actually commit real acts of terrorism on a repeated basis.He was wrong (just like Falwell was on other occasions) to claim to speak for God that he knew God punished America on 9/11 for its sins, including the atomic bombings of Japan, which he said is sins (ignoring Japan was no innocent victim of that war at all, but committed alot of genoicides).He was wrong to hide behind excuse of being a prophet to launch into tirades against whole races of people or to ask God to damn a country. Prophets in the Bible don’t ask God to damn their own country- their warned their own country and others about possibility of God doing that while interceding to God on their behalf that He don’t do it. Prophets in the Bible go to those who behaved sinfully and led the nation to sin, to call them to repentance. Wright preached to the choir, badmouthing people behind their backs, including his disgusting, lewd display of how Bill Clinton was “riding” Monica. Hardly, someone who is being a prophet calling others to repentance. He was inflaming others and asking others to share in his wickedness of hating whole ethnic group and blaming others for own problem.There is a lot wrong with what Mr. Wright said.

  2. This is why I disallowed anonymous comments for a time. If you’re going to make assertions, you should back them up with facts. Wright said none of what you’re saying here. If you want your assertions to be taken seriously, then at least offer some quotes from Wright’s own words to accompany your comments. I have a hunch that if you did so, your assertions would blow away in the breeze. Your ‘interpretation’ of Wright reads more like boilerplate right-wing smear than thoughtful analysis. Really, now. This isn’t National Review. You have to do more than type a lot of bullshit to be taken seriously.

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