I was reading A Tiny Revolution yesterday, and I came across a reference to this Huffington Post article by Gerald Posner. The article itself is an exercise in some of the worst spinelessness that the self-imagined ‘left’ (or ‘center’?) has to offer. Posner practically demands that Barack Obama go back in time and denounce his pastor, Jeremiah Wright of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ. And for what, you ask? As Jonathan Schwarz puts it,

As always in American (white) culture, a straightforward description of reality is perceived as “radical” “vitriol.”

I suggest you try to find the entire sermon for yourself. Good luck; I’ve not found it yet. If you’ve only heard tiny bits of it put into ‘context’ by corporate media talking heads, then I hope you haven’t formed an opinion based on that. At any rate, what little I’ve seen of the sermon qualifies as a “straightforward description of reality.”
Of course, Jeremiah Wright isn’t the first prominent African-American preacher to give voice to the black community’s role as the conscience of the U.S.A. And, thankfully, he is in much better shape for his trouble than others who’ve preceded him. But that doesn’t excuse Barack Obama for his weaseling away from Wright’s words. Did he honestly think that throwing Wright under the bus would appease the Right Wing Noise Machine and its corporate media sycophants? Roy Edroso could have told him better, had Obama been inclined to listen to non-corporate-approved bit of advice.
Worse yet, Posner (and a good number of his commenters) are either rankled by Wright himself or all in a conniption of fear over what the reactionaries might think. What a thin-skinned bunch of pampered cowards populates this nation. Get a fucking grip, people! Oh, hell, it’s too late. I don’t think it matters which Democrat faces John McCain in November; the corporate media are already lining up to kiss the old war criminal’s ass. The worst part of it (and I’ve said this a million times already, I know) is that it won’t make that much of a difference even if a Dem candidate manages to overcome the corporate media/Diebold juggernaut and eke out a path to the White House. Arthur Silber tells me so, and damned if he ain’t right.

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