American Blackout

I highly recommend renting this video; it is available at Netflix. The film demonstrates how McKinney took her responsibility of public service seriously, damning the torpedoes all the way. She was rewarded by perenially being ostracized in the corporate media, by being hung out to dry by most of the Democratic Party, and by being replaced twice by ‘Democratic’ house niggers who benefited from Republican financial and electoral support in primary elections.

One particularly eye-opening part of the film is relegated to the bonus features, and is available online (link below). It is an interview with several African-American members of the Capitol Police force. Remember the big dustup around the confrontation between McKinney and a Capitol Police officer? I remember how the corporate media and many in the blogosphere had her convicted and beat her down in the public sphere over the incident. Well, according to the interviewees in the film, there is (as usual) an iceberg beneath the gilded tip you were showed in the corporate media. All I will tell you is that black Capitol Police officers refer to their jurisdiction as “The Last Plantation.”

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