Okay, maybe the money isn’t always right. Dave and Sara at Orcinus usually are right, though. For years they’ve been shedding a sharp, blinding light on the unseemly and dangerous ties between the violent, eliminationist elements of the far right and what passes for mainstream conservatism these days. Maybe my description is a bit clumsy, but don’t let that stop you from getting over there are reading ’til your brain can’t take it anymore. After all, lonely little soapboxes like mine exist primarily to point you in the direction of more substantial and relevant content like theirs.

While you’re there, consider dropping a few dollars into their fundraising coffers. Journalism and analysis like theirs are not to be found in the corporate media that most of us pay hundreds of dollars a year for (through cable, internet, print, or just by paying the electric bill so that we can watch network TV news). Given the way things are going in this country, and the need we have for more information that doesn’t hide the vitals in favor of encouraging us to shop our way to fascism, I’d say giving a few bucks to Orcinus is a small price to pay. So get your ass over there and pay it, if you can.

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