By way of A Tiny Revolution, I give you a snippet of an article by Glen Ford at Black Agenda Report:

In today’s world, that historical legacy is to move to the forefront of saving the planet – and Black America – from the death throes of a Corporate Order in a state of desperation. The U.S. sub-prime lending crisis, which uncovered the shallow roots of the Black middle class, also pulled back the veil from global capitalism’s ulcerated face. Five-hundred TRILLION dollars in “derivatives” – derived from what, no one really knows – were counted as “assets” of global financial institutions. Now, few of these institutions want to trade in each other’s “paper” instruments, whose bogus face value is more than ten times that of the entire planet’s yearly output of goods and services. Implosion is inevitable, with consequences too vast to imagine.

African Americans are already disproportionately reeling from the precursor trembles of the global “liquidity” crisis to come, and best-suited to comprehend the predatory nature of corporate institutions and their inevitable resort to war to recoup “their” losses. But re-consolidation of that deep historical understanding requires real leadership and means of mass communication. The Black misleadership class must be purged, but first, folks must recognize who needs purging. The paralytic effect of Obamamania threatens to finally strangle Black activism – and organizable Black consciousness, itself – on the eve of domestic and global catastrophe.

Barack Obama’s speeches– for which he is given so much shamelessly gushing credit– are short on specifics and long on vague talk of “unity.” Obama has been anointed by too many people who ought to know better as the candidate of “hope.” Glen Ford submits– and I concur– that Obama is a media Frankenstein, and a corporate shill. He is bright and shameless enough to hijack the barest skin of Civil Rights Era language, as though he is the culmination of Dr. King’s dream. But I prefer to ignore the words and the color of his skin and follow the money. Who is paying Obama’s bills, and what will they expect in return? If Ford is correct about the state of the republic, and I think he’s probably closer to right than to wrong, then I believe an Obama presidency could be the beginning of the end of the U.S.A.

So who am I going to vote for? I’m going to enter the voting booth in the spirit of my favorite songwriter, who once penned the following lyrics:

Save us from all love and hope; give is iron, give us rope…

Fuck hope. We’ve been stuck in stupid for so long, it’s going to be hard and painful work pulling ourselves out of it. This country is in a hole, and we need leaders with the good sense to start by snatching the shovels from those who are digging us deeper.

Ah, what the hell: Announcing the first
Church of the Bad News contest! First reader to name the songwriter, the band, the album, and the song in which the lyrics quoted above appear will get to choose between one Firehunks 2008 International Firefighter Calendar and one authentic Chicago Fire Department regular duty t-shirt. Complete answer must be listed in comments section of this post. First correct respondent wins!

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  1. SDO says:

    I’ll bite:Song: PorrohmanSongwriter: Stuart Adamson (one of my big childhood crushes, thanks to you)Band: Big CountryAlbum: The Crossing

  2. Congratulations, SDO, and thanks for visiting. Does the parenthetical phrase indicate that we are already acquainted, or am I misunderstanding? Do tell. If you’ll e-mail me at with your snail mail info, and I’ll send your choice of prize to you ASAP. If you prefer the calendar, let me know if you’d like November signed, and to whom I must sign it. If you prefer the t-shirt, be sure to let me know your size.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, Stuart Adamson, Big Country, the Crossing album and Porrohman is the track. Loved the guitars on that album- very expansive and exhilarating and Chicago folks seem to have really liked that band for some reason. Knew a gal there who journeyed to his gravesite after his death. Sad, actually, given the optimism and power of that band’s content, that he dried of alcohol poisoning or was it suicide. Then again, look at how brave kerouac and Hemmingway went! BTW: w

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