I was working on a medium-length post about the upcoming presidential elections, but this essay by David Swanson encouraged me to reconsider. Furthermore, while browsing the internet for supporting facts and arguments, I found so much of what has been disgusting me of late that I feel Swanson (along with, as always, Arthur Silber) is right. What’s the point in investing so much energy into the 2008 elections when nearly all the candidates have been supporters of what we’re supposed to be voting against? If we (the electorate) can’t find the will to make our elected officials feel our wrath at what they’re doing to our republic, what the hell good is an election going to do? All we’ll have proven is that we’ll vote the same corporate-approved cretins into office as we have all along, and we’ll sit quietly while they proceed to posture and triangulate us into hell.

While we sit pawing the remotes to our wide-screen HDTVs as we gobble fatty, sugary, highly processed snacks, our congratulatory self-image becomes more of a cruel joke with each passing minute. The evil that is being done in our name has not yet blown back upon us with sufficient breadth and force to jar the majority of us out of self-induced consumerist narcosis. Don’t doubt that the evil is being honed and prepared for us, even if its proprietors don’t yet consciously intend the general U.S. population as their target. We allow it to happen to those without U.S. citizenship, and we allow it to happen to those at the comfortably distant (or so we see fit to imagine) fringes of our citizenship. We allow it to happen abroad, and we allow it to happen on our own soil. The perpetrators run the gamut from clandestine ‘intelligence’ operatives to local police officers to educators. Very few demographic cross-sections are left untouched (though persons of certain ethnic and religious backgrounds are disproportionately represented) as represented by the victims.

It is easy for us to ignore what is happening to us. We have endless cycles of 24-hour cable news, and increased saturation of news on broadcast channels as well. However, these corporate information outlets only reinforce our ignorance by providing us with more of no good value. Furthermore, we can easily lose ourselves in any number of the seemingly infinite diversions that are available to us around the clock (these diversions have themselves come to occupy so much of the attention of the news cycle; this feedback loop helps increase the ignorance quotient exponentially).

Just so you can get an idea of the kind of shitstorm we’re brewing for ourselves, I’ll give you a few links. If I weren’t so sick of writing about this, I could give you dozens more.

“Thus the World Was Lost”

Journey to the Dark Side: the Bush legacy (take one)

2008: A Year in Limbo

Eliminationism in America
(part I of an 11-part series)

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